What's up with this site?

This, the 2023 version of my digital abode is built with Astro. I had originally I started making it with Eleventy (11ty) as I had used 11ty successfully for version 2 of my Code Notes project and loved its simplicity and speed, but whilst building the 11ty site I became more and more interested in Astro. After trying out the Astro blog example I decided to rebuild the site with it - even though I was nearly finished with that version but still hadn’t released it 🙃.

Astro is great because, like 11ty, it’s a static site generator, but .astro components use JSX syntax, which I’m very familiar with – I write React apps for a living so it was a natural fit. The component and data fetching model was extremely easy to pick up and I was able to rebuild the site in a few days.

Type is set in Mona Sans from GitHub.

For CSS processing, I use PostCSS with Tailwind and Autoprefixer. Tailwind is used sparingly when I need to add a utility class to an element without adding a specific classname.

Spacing and type sizes use the custom properties defined by the excellent and they are added to Tailwind’s config (see here). If you haven’t used Utopia before, I highly recommend it. My Utopia config for this site can be found here, and I use it like so:

font-size: var(--step-1);
margin-block-end: var(--space-s);

n.b. The code for the 11ty version is on the eleventy-version branch on the repo.