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An overview of my hardware and software setup

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I'm a bit of a pedant when it comes to the gear that I use everyday. I like to use good quality things that make my life easier.

I change aspects of my setup fairly often so this page will serve as a living document and a place to point curious developers to when I get asked.


14" M1 MacBook Pro ๐Ÿ’ป

I love this little thing. It should last a while.

Keychron K2v2 Keyboard

It is bluetooth and has Cherry MX Blue switches. What's not to love.


I alternate between the Logitech Vertical mouse and the Logitech MX Master 3

Autonomous Smart Desk 2

Amazing and affordable standing desk

Herman Miller Aeron

You need a proper chair for what we do all day.

MSI Prestige PS341WU Creator Monitor 34"

Great wide-screen monitor without being too pricey



I use it in nearly every aspect of my work. I use it for searching the net with its custom web searches (e.g. npm, JIRA, bundlephobia, MDN and many more); searching npm with the npm extension (that I created) workflow and loads more. It truly is a massive productivity booster.

FYI I also created the GitHub Stars extension.

VS Code

  • poimandres theme.
  • Comic Code font. As much as I hate Comic Sans, I happen to LOVE Comic Code for coding.. who knew.

My settings can be found here and a list of my installed extensions can be found here. I also synchronise my settings to a GitHub gist.


Arc has been my main browser for the past 6 months. It is Chromium based so all my favourite Chrome extensions still work.

1Password ๐Ÿ”’

I never need to worry about passwords anymore. It integrates with my browser (via their extension) and it copies one-time passwords to the clipboard automatically. It's also great on the iPhone; since iOS 12 was released, the integration with the OS is massively improved.


This app is a recent addition and is an indispensible tool for my workflow.


I moved to Notion a while back and haven't looked back. It has most of what I want for a note-taking app with a healthy free-tier and Markdown-like input method.

iTerm2 with Fish Shell

See my config here. I also use the excellent TIDE prompt to improve my shell.


The best git client for Mac.


A cloud-based private DNS service that gives you full control over what is allowed and what is blocked on the Internet. There are Mac and iPhone apps that essentially block ads, malicious code and more.

And the rest:

  • Things: The best Mac/iPhone-based task list/productivity app I know.
  • Superkey: "Keyboard superpower on macOS". I use this mainly for its "hyperkey" functionality (where caps lock is converted to a "hyper key", with all these four modifiers combined: โŒƒโŒฅโŒ˜โ‡ง)
  • Rectangle Pro: Window snapping and positioning
  • Dash: Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. or the Devdocs app are free alternatives.
  • NordVPN: The best personal VPN service in my opinion. Great apps for Mac and iPhone.
  • Bartender: Hide some of those pesky menubar items.
  • iStat Menus: Monitor and display pretty much everything in my Mac's menubar
  • Shottr - Shottr is a small, fast, human-sized screenshot app built for those who care about pixels. It was crafted with Swift, optimized for M1, and is completely free at the moment.
  • AudioSwitcher - AudioSwitcher is a menu bar that allows you to switch quickly between all available input and output devices.
  • Fig - Fig adds IDE-style autocomplete to your existing terminal.
  • Rocket Typist - Text snippets
  • Mumu X - AI driven emoji picker

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