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About me

I am a front-end web developer with over 15 years experience helping companies get products to market, rewriting apps, creating POCs and more.

Staff Software Engineer
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Otter v2.0.0
Updating and open sourcing my bookmarking side project
Styling React 2023 edition
My approach for using PostCSS, Tailwind, cva and a few others tools to style react apps and components
Reviving old music gadgets for my son
The journey to give my son access to music he loves in a offscreen, offline way
An introduction to my side-project
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Side projects

Current and past side-projects

Self-hosted personal bookmarking app. Open source.
React, Next.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL and authentication (powered by Supabase), Tailwind
Page Metadata Scraper with Cloudflare workers. It uses a Cloudflare's HTMLRewriter to scrape the page for metadata and returns it as JSON.
TypeScript, Cloudflare workers
This very website. Open source.
Astro, TypeScript, PostCSS, Tailwind
Personal journalling app. Open source.
SvelteKit, TypeScript, A.I. powered text improvements, PostgreSQL and authentication (powered by Supabase)
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Hand-picked hyperlinks, all saved in my Otter bookmarking app

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